About Us

AGRO GEA is a a private company based in Tetovo and Tirana, with administration office, commercial and wholesale sector for providing the best of services.

AGRO GEA was incorporated as a company for trade and services, with basic activity including wholesale and distribution of machinery, equipment for agriculture (farming, viticulture and horticulture), equipment for utilities, spare parts and tools, service and preventive maintenance of machinery and equipment.

Its business policy, organization and operations, AGRO GEA has gained status as one of the most important distributors of listed goods on the market of Republic of Macedonia and Republic of Albania. The success of sales was primarily the result of selection of high quality and professional business partners in both countries, the dedicated work of Agrogea's employees with a clear business vision and the ability to offer quality and competitive products in order to meet customers' needs.

AGRO GEA has a leading position in providing machinery and equipment for agriculture for which we tend to achieve long term strategic goal and that is to be leader in more than these countries by offering high quality and professional services.